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Massage in DaNang by L SPA.  We are pleased to offer premium massage services including our Signature, Hot Stone, Thai, Aromatherapy, Foot and 2-Therapist service options provided by skilled and dedicated therapists.  We look forward to serving you and providing a memorable DaNang massage experience.

L SPA Danang Signature Massage Image

A well known massage in Da Nang, our unique L SPA Signature therapy provides firm, relaxing movements while allowing you to guide your therapist in focusing attention where your body needs it most.  Enjoy the best massage in Da Nang your way with medium or strong pressure.

  60′ ~ VND 490,000
  75′ ~ VND 610,000
  90′ ~ VND 730,000
120′ ~ VND 980,000
* NET Price – No additional charges
L Spa Danang Shoulder Neck and Head Massage Image

Shoulder, Neck & Head Massage provides upper body muscle relaxation and head / scalp stimulation.  Service is available at a pressure to your liking and provided on our standard massage bed..

30′ ~ VND 190,000
*NET Price – No additional charges
L Spa DaNang Aromatherapy Massage Image

Our Aromatherapy Massage includes soft and smooth motions that provide warming and relaxing muscle stimulation that will relieve tension, stress and fatigue. For guests who prefer a low pressure and soothing therapy, Aromatherapy is ideal.

60′ ~ VND 490,000 
75′ ~ VND 610,000
90′ ~ VND 730,000
*NET Price – No additional charges
Hot Stone Massage Image

Medium pressure Hot Stone Massage includes the use of polished and heated stones that are positioned on specific body locations as others are used as an extension of your therapist’s hands. The warmth more fully relaxes muscles and allows deeper tissue penetration.  Superior technique and execution makes our Hot Stone massage the best in DaNang.

  75′ ~ VND    690,000
  90′ ~ VND    820,000
120′ ~ VND 1,100,000
*NET Price – No additional charges
L Spa DaNang Thai Massage Image

Our Thai therapy without oil concentrates on pressure points of the body while using a variety of compression and stretching techniques relieving muscle pain and tension, increasing circulation and enhancing flexibility. Thai Massage is for those who prefer strong, penetrating pressure and movements.

  60′ ~ VND    660,000
  75′ ~ VND    820,000
  90′ ~ VND    990,000
120′ ~ VND 1,320,000
*NET Price – No additional charges
L Spa DaNang Foot Massage Image

Our Foot Massage therapy will relax and relieve tension of tired and sore feet.  Service is available at a pressure to your liking and provided in a foot massage chair.

60′ ~ VND 300,000
*NET Price – No additional charges
L Spa DaNang 2-Therapist Massage Image


Two (2) therapists provide asynchronous massage at the same time – one treating the upper body, the other focusing on the lower body. This distinctive therapy allows a more complete relaxation and energy balance experience of body and mind.

60’  L Spa / Aroma ~  VND    980,000

75′  L Spa / Aroma ~  VND 1,220,000

90’  L Spa / Aroma ~  VND 1,450,000

60’  Hot Stone ~         VND 1,080,000

75′  Hot Stone ~         VND 1,350,000

90’  Hot Stone ~         VND 1,630,000

* NET Price – No additional charges

* Pricing Includes All Charges *


Complimentary Water, Hot Tea and Refreshments 

Book Up To 4 Weeks In Advance

~ In-house, professional training allows our therapists to provide superior spa massage service with consistency and achieving guest satisfaction ~